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Ouverture: Behold a Dying World

Lucifer awakens - the stage is set.

Chapter I: Dolorosa - Of Thorn and Torment

A young child raised in a church sets out to realize an innocent dream in a world of cruelty.

Chapter II: Lacrimosa - A Tale from the Old World

One fateful night changes everything for a drag queen caught between two worlds.

Chapter III: Crescendo - Hell on Rails

Assembled at last, Lucifer's demons are tasked with robbing a speeding train.

First Intermezzo

How could pain of the flesh ever compare to pain of the heart?

Chapter IV: Nocturne - No Rest for the Wicked

Months have passed. The demons reach a breaking point during a raid on a necromancer's farm.

Chapter V: Toccata & Fuga - Dream into the Waking Dawn

The demons weave a precious bond and an unlikely ally is broken out of prison.

Chapter VI: Sola Scriptura - Trial and Terror

To get close to a vampiric Judge, the demons abide by the law - only to find themselves wrapped up in a mock trial with much more than their lives at stake.

The Story So Far

A recap of the first arc, "Illuminated Apocalypse"

Chapter VII: Danse Macabre - The Hands of Fate

Four years have passed since the riots in Solforth. We return to the scene with all hope seemingly lost.

Third Intermezzo - Soul Survivor

Lucifer reveals to Tabitha Their plan to save Reah's Soul - Dr Zeyneb turns out to not be so "pro bono" after all

Chapter VIII: Pomp and Circumstance

In old Tyvia, a rag tag team of misfits sets out to break into the Grand Museum, and find greater horrors than they were prepared for.