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Ouverture: Behold a Dying World

Lucifer awakens - the stage is set.

Chapter I: Dolorosa - Of Thorn and Torment

A young child raised in a church sets out to realize an innocent dream in a world of cruelty.

Chapter II: Lacrimosa - A Tale from the Old World

One fateful night changes everything for a drag queen caught between two worlds.

Chapter III: Crescendo - Hell on Rails

Assembled at last, Lucifer's demons are tasked with robbing a speeding train.

First Intermezzo

How could pain of the flesh ever compare to pain of the heart?

Chapter IV: Nocturne - No Rest for the Wicked

Months have passed. The demons reach a breaking point during a raid on a necromancer's farm.

Chapter V: Toccata & Fuga - Dream into the Waking Dawn

The demons weave a precious bond and an unlikely ally is broken out of prison.

Chapter VI: Sola Scriptura - Trial and Terror

To get close to a vampiric Judge, the demons abide by the law - only to find themselves wrapped up in a mock trial with much more than their lives at stake.

The Story So Far

A recap of the first arc, "Illuminated Apocalypse"

Chapter VII: Danse Macabre - The Hands of Fate

Four years have passed since the riots in Solforth. We return to the scene with all hope seemingly lost.

Third Intermezzo - Soul Survivor

Lucifer reveals to Tabitha Their plan to save Reah's Soul - Dr Zeyneb turns out to not be so "pro bono" after all

Chapter VIII: Pomp and Circumstance

In old Tyvia, a rag tag team of misfits sets out to break into the Grand Museum, and find greater horrors than they were prepared for.

Summer, 1870 AD

Plot? What plot? Remember the last summer before it all went wrong

Chapter IX: De Civitate Dei

Without Lucifer, the demons must face Godfrey, and the consequences of their actions