"Inferno" Edition & Shop Restock

10th Sep 2022, 9:26 AM | SevWildfang
Dearest Disciples,

the fabled, rumored, teased, and sought after Volume I "INFERNO" Edition is finally here!

That's 160 pages of familar (but not too familiar) art rendered anew, with several pages repainted to better fit for print, including an appendix detailing all of the changes with copies of the old pages for your comparing convenience... and the only place to read "Summer, 1870 AD" in print! It can be yours, for only 20€ + shipping because of course.

With its arrival, the shop has been completely restocked, and all of the books you can see here are available for purchase

If you're interested in having one or more of them in your home, send an "electronic mail" to this address OR send me a DM on any platform you might get a hold of me on.

Yours Truly,
Sev Wildfang