Dramatis Personae

Presented in order of apperance:

Prologue: Ouverture

XV - THE DEVIL / Lucifer, God of Chances:
(IMMORTAL; Known Resurrections: 2 - They/Them)

An ancient being of divine nature also known as Iblis, Daestern, Baal-Zabod, and many other names throughout history. They believe themselves responsible for the Cycle of Souls failing - if only They had been more vigilant, less lax with the follies of mortals, less dead for the last 616 years or so.

Now that They've reawakened in a weakened state, Their first task is to recruit new champions from among mortals who will fight against the vampiric empire for Them; as the God of Chances They possess no particular magical or physical prowess, only the power to awaken one's greatest and truest potential by way of binding contract sealed with the turning of mortal into demon (a horned emissary creature)

Chapter I: Dolorosa

XII - THE HANGED ONE / Reah ("Rev") | XIII - DEATH / The Beast of Sheol
(??.??.1851; Known Resurrections: 1 - she/her)

The record states that a child had been found at the foot of the Saint's statue near the church in Pietà, Torquemada; that the child was taken in by the local convent's orphanage, baptized as "Salvatore" after the place where it had been found; and that at the age of a mere 12 years, the boy Salvatore ran away from that orphanage in the dead of night. The earliest known record that speaks of a "Reah" is dated roughly a month after this incident.

The Inquisition razed her home, tortured her to make her repent, and put the Brand of Obedience on her to forcefully convert her into a mindless undead servant - none of it was able to break her spirit. In her resilience, Lucifer saw great material for a demon to carry out Their mission. As a demon, her body's ability to persevere is heightened to superhuman levels, being able to close wounds in a matter of hours that would instantly end the life of anyone else. She is a being of raw material strength and toughness - with the soul of a bumbling country nun who only ever wanted God to show her a little kindness. But her God is dead and usurpers wielding unholy necromancy have taken over His house. Hard times in the world of men...

Chapter II: Lacrimosa

VI - THE LOVERS / Magical Miss Tabitha Wylde, Lucifer's Sorceress:
(04.13.1848 - she/her)

Eager to not only escape the life that kept hurting her but to take revenge on those that upheld its rules, the reclusive drag queen Tabitha Wylde took Lucifer's bargain without hesitation: access to the full spectrum of arcane knowledge the God could offer in exchange for her aid in the fight against vampires. Tabitha holds no sense of loyalty towards Lucifer. The God's goals align with her own. Their teachings are useful to a mind as thirsty for magical secrets such as hers. By Lucifer's bidding she finds herself across the ocean from her home, in Norra where everything (to her) smells like alpaca dung and the people are backwards hicks without any manners - perfect for a witch with a hair trigger temper and a mind sharp enough to use three appendages to conjure sorcery glyphs.
Chapter III: Crescendo

XIX - THE SUN / Lord Cardinal Madredeus
(06.10.1618 - 03.03.1871; Defied Death for: 171 years - he/him)

One of the infamous Council of Five, the founding fathers of the budding empire of Norra, and the youngest among them. Born in drought-ridden Pareildas in the Old World, Madredeus had found his calling in the vicious zealotry of preaching the word of God in Norra. As Lord Cardinal of the United Church, he was in charge of making sure that word was heard across the continent - even the schism between Godfrey and Savounarola couldn't stop him from travelling the land, most often by train.

Dispossessed of: 1007 Souls (at time of Death)

Chapter IV: Nocturne

KING OF PENTACLES / Goodluck McGillen

(02.08.1820 - 05.17.1872 - he/him)

The ruthless owner of the "Orchard". Once a slave labor plantation, McGillen has converted it into the most notorious torture facility in the state of Torquemada, arguably making an already bad thing even worse. His most prized possession is his undead warden, the fallen angel he calls "Harvester".

XVII - THE STAR / Astor Gilgamache, the Deserter:
(05.05.1845 - he/him)

A runaway soldier of unknown origin who has turned on his former comrades. His animosity against the vampires runs deeper than some cosmic fumbles and hiccups - he works for and with the Red Masque, an anarchist militia and mutual aid organization fighting a not-so-hopeless fight against their oppressors. The coming of the demons has invigorated them, and Astor begrudgingly dons the mask bearing the face of a demon too. He continues to despise Lucifer Themself and refuses Their offers of demonic power or bodily enhancement.

VIII - JUSTICE / The Harvester
(??.??.???? - 05.17.1872 - she/her)

Once an angel named "One Who Watches The Stars From Above", this warrior was felled by Necromancers who cursed her Soul to be in eternal torment. Given as a gift to the owner of the Orchard, Goodluck McGillen, she now roams the plantation silently hoping for someone to put her out of her misery.

Chapter VI: Sola Scriptura

IV - THE EMPEROR / Judge Magister Savounarola II.
(09.21.1509 - 08.01.1873;  Defied Death for: 313 Years - he/him)

When the United Church took hold of the colonies in Norra, their highest ranking bishops ruled the land as a council of five, with Savounarola as its Lord Judex in charge of its laws and judiciary system. But as years turned into decades and centuries, he grew tired of sharing power with four others (especially Godfrey and his new brand of Orthodoxy). In a plot to usurp the council, he set off a civil war that ravaged Norra for half a century, and caused the secession of the Northern states under his own rule. The advent of Lucifer's demons however presents a new, bipartisan threat to the order of things in Norra, one Savounarola intends to snuff out using his very own methods.

Dispossessed of: 23 776 Souls (at time of Death)

XIV - TEMPERANCE / Godfrey XIV. Necropraetor, The Saint who braved Thorn and Torment:
(St Harlowe's Day, 1240 AD - he/him)

Godfrey is a living remnant of a world long gone, clinging to life beyond the decay of his body. In his era, he claims, he was but a pious man of god in hostile, pagan Tyvia. At death's door however, he found the secret to Defying Death revealed to him by God (allegedly), and used it to preserve his Soul and sanity as his body was mummified and revered as a Saint - one who braved Thorn and Torment. Taking back control of his mortal coil, he amassed his followers into the United Church, leading them to the so-called promised land across the sea: Norra. Among the vampire lords of Norra he is the oldest and most obscure, preferring to act through emissaries like Lourdes... that is until he felled the demon Reah and used her blood to reinvigorate his own flesh. Now reborn, he seeks to reunite the country his former disciple Savounarola split in two... and to conquer lands even beyond the reach of mortal man.

II - THE HIGH PRIESTESS / Lourdes Drasille d'Orvey:
(12.13.1846 - she/her)

Godfrey's most recent and most successful Knight Inquisitor, a woman driven by feverish devotion to her faith and even greater hatred for those her faith declares Sinners, with an especially cruel streak towards sexual "deviants" and gender "degenerates". The Necropraetor's vile sorcery flows through her body, causing her to cry tears of blood and making her prone to fits of violence as the whispers of Godfrey's captive Souls course through her mind unfiltered. Instead of a left arm she possesses a necromantic growth that can shift into many shapes to maim and kill with - currently using it to keep Reah's amputated left hand on her body as a trophy, weapon, and tracking device all in one.

PAGE OF SWORDS / Géraud Fervidor, Hunter of the Inquisition
(05.18.1835 - he/him)

A ruthless hunter of apostates and blasphemers in the employ of the Inquisition who likes to use all kinds of cruel and unusual gadgets to capture the people he targets rather than relying on physical strength or Sorcery.

ACE OF CUPS / Brother Holofernes
(08.13.1741 - 08.01.1873 - he/him)

Savounarola's right hand man and aspirant to eternal life. His passion for "cleansing the heretical" is methodical, at odds with his master's taste for dramatics and stageplay.

Dispossessed of: 67 Souls (at time of Death)

Chapter VII: Danse Macabre

IX - THE HERMIT / Zeyneb Nazareddin, 47th Voice in the Song of the Uyulala:
(Day 170 of the Year 1808 - she/her)

A hermit who resides in the desert of Goab, outside of civilized settlements and out of reach of the colonial occupiers from Tyvia. Her trade as a soul binder has been passed onto her for generations via the Song of the Uyulala, an ancient order of sorcerers dedicated to shepherding lost and wounded Souls safely to the Well. Despite her humble appearance and her old age, she is capable of going toe-to-toe with even the strongest of sorcerers, easily besting THE LOVERS by diffusing their Soul-based wild magic. She seems to work for Lucifer, but does she play with open cards...?

QUEEN OF CUPS / Madam Spitfire
(03.19.1833 - she/her)

A cell leader of the Red Masque Militia, prolific propagandist and organizer in one. Even though Lucifer's demons have given her movement a face, she does not trust them to be more than "mascots" for the Masque's greater purpose.


XVIII - THE MOON / Joey Styx
(09.09.1858 - he/him)

An immigrant doctor-in-training (and assistant to celebrity surgeon Dr Adam Trevell) hand-picked by Lucifer to receive Their eyes as a heirloom. He gets caught between a socially acceptable life in hiding and his loyalty to the queens of the night at Club Chez Cabaret.

V - THE HIEROPHANT / Sir Malthus Karthosian
(01.20.1846 - he/him)

The heir to the fortune of House Karthosian after the untimely demise of its patriarch Calvinus Karthosian, a former colonial army scout turned exhibition curator at the Tyvian Imperial Museum of Humanity's "Hall of Conquest". His temper is something to be feared, especially when his furtive sibling is concerned. He aims to rebuild an angel of Goab to serve as Tyvia's weapon of deterrence against Norra.

Dipossessed of: Ability to use Sorcery (11.01.1877)

XIII - DEATH / "Monsignore"
(??.??.???? - he/him)

A mysterious silent man who acts as a bodyguard to the Duchess of Iznagoud and her maidservant Miss Turnpenny, clad in the robes of a travelling preacher from Torquemada. Most definitely not someone else in disguise.

VII - THE CHARIOT / Miss Turnpenny
(??.??.???? - she/her)

Maidservant to the Duchess of Iznagoud, used to biting her tongue. Harbors a firey temper behind a mask of calm. Most definitely not someone else in disguise.

PAGE OF CUPS / Fergus O'Hardy
(01.01.1847-10.30.1877 - he/him)

A ruffian and no stranger to the Tyvian Constabulary. He prides himself on his good looks. A shared past of migration from Tasmuír binds him to Joey Styx, making them a kind of strange bedfellows... for which he ultimately pays a gruesome price.

QUEEN OF WANDS / Antoine Montrose - Yolanthe LaBelle
(02.29.1845 - she/they)

An inconspicuous master tailor who under the cover of night turns into Chez Cabaret's longest running stage act, the "Juggling Queen". As the one who initated Joey into the world of the "Beautiful Ones", she serves as his godmother. Unlike her former lover she actually does speak Orvèise (albeit with a lisp)

XVI - THE TOWER / Mr Jasper Marcus, the "Marvellous Marquis" of La Tour
(??.??.???? - he/him)

LaBelle's former lover, a stage magician who may or may not be using real Sorcery to spice up his shows - lately he has been moving up in the world, performing at the luxury hotel & casino known as La Tour.
(this character is based on and modelled after a character designed for "War for Rayuba" by Dan Katros)

0 - THE FOOL / Alessandra "the Bull"
(01.18.1842 - he/she)

Chez Cabaret's former head bouncer, a drifter who hails from sunny Fiore da Laguna. Recently, he has been hired to act as Zeyneb's new bodyguard... what kind of past hides behind her smile?

IX - THE HERMIT / The Duchess of Iznagoud
(06.29.1808 - she/her)

A noblewoman in exile who has resorted to selling family heirlooms to bargain for her safety. Most definitely not someone else in disguise.

THREE OF SWORDS - Dr Adam Trevell M.D.
(09.09.1825 - 11.01.1877 - he/him)

The so-called "Father of Genetic Hygiene", author of the leading eugenicist theories in the field of medicine in Tyvia and renowned surgeon. Rumor has it he was exiled from his home in Bruchmühl in the Idan Lands for unethical experiments, which he continues to conduct in Tyvia under the protection of Malthus Karthosian. His latest victim: a Muírran man named O'Hardy.

Dispossessed of: 25 Souls (at time of Death)

(10.31.1877 - he/him)

The fruit of Trevell's and Malthus's labors. Walking tomb for Fergus's Soul, which still cries out for his dear Molly...


XXI - THE WORLD - Posthaste
(??.??.???? - they/them)

Allegedly a courier for the Nova Tyvia Postal Service. They witnessed Alessandra and Zeyneb falling out of the sky.
Summer, 1870 AD


Her family owned a farm downhill from the Convent of the Angelic Remnant, and despite their warnings she often climbed up there to visit the nuns.


A travelling worker who took odd jobs wherever he went, including as a stable boy for the Convent until the summer of 1870 AD.