#153 - Chapter IV: Nocturne - Page 158 - in Chapter IV: Nocturne - No Rest for the Wicked

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Chapter IV: Nocturne - Page 158

Author Note

SevWildfang SevWildfang said:

(158-1) Because that oaf was raised in a church AS A NUN! They taught her to read and write too!

(158-2) Oh... Rumor tells of a brute in the employ of McGillen to whom the hanged ones speak in that tongue. I... assumed.

(158-3) Hold on there BUdDY! I've been travelling with Lucifer's Revenant for quite a while now - I would've bloody well noticed if she'd been in the employ of the man we're TRYING TO KILL

(158-4) FUCK! Oh well, cat's outta the bag now!

4th Sep 2020, 11:54 AM



CytricAcid CytricAcid

she's got a loose tongue... with swearing and with secret missions XD

18th Jun 2022, 8:38 AM


SevWildfang SevWildfang

literally the worst kinda spy to send on ANYTHING involving subtlety for sure

18th Jun 2022, 9:05 AM

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