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Author Note

SevWildfang SevWildfang said:

(P01-1) L: "You think you've won, Godfrey?"
(P01-2) G: "I have robbed you of both your trump cards... you tried to corrupt my Saviour, but where is He now? His blood floweth through my veins, His flesh gave me strength. His bones are scattered TO THE WINDS! His very Soul is adrift in LIMBUS alongside that horrid wizard of yours."
(P01-3) L: "Don't count her out just yet."
(P01-4) G: "It's over, LUCIFER... six hundred and sixteen years... you woke up just to LOSE."

(P02-1) G: "Child... Be a dear... Unhook these unsightly MACHINAE from my body. I have no further need for their assistance."

(P03-1) N: "Your Eminence... your body is still not fully recovered - for the sake of your health, please be a little more careful!"
(P03-2) G: "Child, I can quite handle myself... go and fetch me my knight LOURDES."

(P03-3) G: "We have much to do... A WORLD TO CONQUER."

2nd Mar 2021, 12:17 AM



shyangry shyangry

Yeah, I figured they'd be up to something unsavory with poor Reah's arm. D:

3rd Mar 2021, 8:20 PM


SevWildfang SevWildfang

Notice that the Chapter subtitle is "The Hands of Fate", and go forth to speculate!

3rd Mar 2021, 8:36 PM


Beep Beep

Oh, shit, a Manos crossover.

3rd Mar 2021, 10:03 PM

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