#248 - The Sorcerous Arts - A Layman's Compendissimo (1) - in Chapter VII: Danse Macabre - The Hands of Fate

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SevWildfang SevWildfang said:

The Dark Arts: BRANDING

(TSA-01) Fig.1. Sorcerous Damage to the Flesh - Fig. 2. Resulting in equivalent harm to the Soul

(TSA-02) A perverted form of ancient Sigil Magic, that destroys part of the Soul.

(TSA-03) BRANDING permanently damages a part of the Soul that corresponds to the Body’s thinking and will, leaving it an obedient husk.

(TSA-04) Is it possible to recover?

(TSA -05) Only an abnormity like SISTER REAH whose Body possesses superhuman endurance and whose Soul was touched by the Angelic Remnant WOULD BE ABLE TO FULLY NEGATE THE EFFECT OF THIS BRAND.

(TSA-06) Fig.3. The Angel “One Who Guides The Path” from whom the Angelic Remnant was taken - Fig. 4. The deviant Reah and her Soul

(TSA-07) Such occurances were much more common before the angels were driven to extinction.

from: “The Sorcerous Arts - a Layman’s Compendissimo” by Joey Styx, compiled from lectures by Zeyneb Nazareddin and Master 冬二朗 (”Tojiro”).

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shyangry shyangry

I've said it before, but the extra care you put into even side stuff like this q&a really blows me away. You're in a league of your own!

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ooohhhh thats what branding does!!!

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