#275 - Soul Survivor (13-16 + Post Scriptum) - in Third Intermezzo - Soul Survivor

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Author Note

SevWildfang SevWildfang said:

(13-1) T: "REAH!"
(13-2) R: "Whoa whoa WHOA!"
(13-3) T: "Careful!"

(13-4) T: "Choir girl..."
(13-5) R: "OUGH"
(13-6) T: "Sshhh - I've got you..."

(14-1) L: We're sure, when you tell her she'll understand.
(14-2) R: "Y'know... bein' gone, I had time to think.... I failed y'all, everyone. You shouldn'ta done any of this for me."
(14-3) T: "NONSENSE! It's not ever wasted work if it's for you"

(14-4) R: I... don't wanna be ungrateful. I guess it's better'n nuthin'... still. Strange... that it's just - gone now. All of it gone. But I'm still here. Yer one of a kind Tabitha... I wouldn't want my life in anyone's hands but yours."

(15-1) Z: "ho there, revenant - welcome back to the lands of the living - sort of!"
(15-2) Z: "you're currently wearing a priceless cultural ARTIFACT i have spent decades protecting from the hands of outsiders."

(16-1) Z: many more still wait to be saved and retrieved... from the vampiric clutches of TYVIA...

(16-2) Z: "but alas i am old, frail, and ALONE! if only i had an ENTOURAGE!"
(16-3) T: (whispering) "Yes, technically we owe her for saving your Soul."
(16-4) R: (whispering) "How 'technically' are we talkin' here..."
(16-5) T: (whispering) "She did most of the work."

(16-6) R: "Please stop weepn' n' wailin'. WE'LL GO WITH YOU, KIND STRANGER."
(16-7) T: "Just so you know I still don't trust you."

POST SCRIPTUM as of August 2nd, 2021:
Dear reader, allow me to break the immersion for just a second to give thanks to the wonderful friends and fellow artists without whom these last two chapters (Danse Macabre and Soul Survivor) wouldn't exist as they do today, with this kind of polish and shine.

DesDemonical - Lex/Solarpunrobot - Dante "liketheinferno" Fish - Alex "Dulceskull" Barr - Maria/HawthorneVisual - SugarPucks - Billy/Hotshotshitshow - SHM/kotofei - Quinn K.

Sawyer/Sawvidae and Q.


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