#276 - Devil Eyes (000-006) - in Chapter VIII: Pomp and Circumstance

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Author Note

SevWildfang SevWildfang said:

"Souls Foreclosed - Unholy Savior" by Sev Wildfang. An illuminated tale of Retribution and Horror for readers ages 18+ made in ink and pencil.

JS - Mr. Joey Styx, surgeon understudy
MK - Sir Malthus Karthosian, curator of the Grand Museum
L - Lucifer, God of Chances

(000-1) JS: Some say they've seen THE DEVIL "himself" walking among us in the guise of a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN

(001-1) JS: "Tyvia Victorious", huh... I wonder if that's THE KINDA FORM the Devil chooses...

(002-1) MK: "AHEM! Mister Styx?"
(002-2) MK: "Enjoying the exhibits, ARE YOU?"
(002-3) JS: "Si-Sir Karthosian!"
(002-4) MK: "Shouldn't you be with DR. TREVELL?"
(002-5) MK: "He has expressed CONCERN to me..."
(002-6) JS: "OH- H-He has? What kind of 'concern'?"
(002-7) MK: "Abut your WORK ETHIC as of lately..."

(003-1) MK: "They say you were seen spending your nights at this 'Cabaret Club' "
(003-2) JS: "So what if I do? What's it to you..."
(003-3) MK: "WHAT'S IT TO ME?"
(003-4) MK: "That den of sin corrupted my own BROTHER and made of a once proud state constable and SORCERER..."
(003-5) MK: "A vile sodomite and criminal"
(003-6) MK: "One who raised his hand against his own KIN!"

(004-1) MK: "So if I ever do catch you prancing about in that kind of SISSY GET-UP..."
(004-2) MK: "I'll make you regret ever being BORN"
(004-3) JS: "N-Not to worry Sir Karthosian - I'VE GOT MY MORALS IN ORDER! And - oh look - it's just about time for me TO GET BACK TO WORK! HAHA HAHA"

(005-1) JS: Whew, TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT that was!
(005-2) JS: Malthus really has some kinda grudge... but why take it out on poor JOEY STYX?
(005-3) JS: After all I'm just an ordinary bloke, ASSISTING HONORABLE DR. TREVELL IN HIS LECTURES. Honest, hard work in service of the common good, cutting up bodies of 'defective' deceeased to ANALYSE and EDUCATE
(005-4) JS: Plain Joey Styx, just a normal, boring AVERAGE MAN... with NOTHING TO HIDE

(006-1) L: "GOOD EVENING MR. STYX..."
(006-2) JS: "Wh-what!? You!?"
(006-3) L: "Pleased to finally make your acquaintance IN THE FLESH"
(006-4) JS: And I guess that's how I wound up INVOLVED in this mess.


15th Sep 2021, 12:30 AM



JCorrachComics JCorrachComics

Have I ever told you this comic reads so much like a play to me? it's really wonderful to feel like watching a stage through images alone

also hot dang the devil can be real forward sometimes 👀

15th Sep 2021, 4:42 PM


SevWildfang SevWildfang

a lot of my visual inspiration is from movies so that makes sense huh! never really thought about it that way tbh....

(sometimes, They want to live up to Their rep)

15th Sep 2021, 5:18 PM


spannerfrog spannerfrog

oh shit tabitha's brother.... and he has the same font as her...... interesting

also yeah taking the binder off after the day i feel u joey.

16th Sep 2021, 3:35 AM


SevWildfang SevWildfang

Malthus and Tabitha (and the rest of their family in fact) all have that kinda accent! someone else does too, he's shown up in 2 previous chapters so far... what does it mean.......

16th Sep 2021, 3:40 AM


Spellodello Spellodello

That's one hell of a wakeup call. GOOD MORNING

22nd May 2022, 10:21 PM

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