Hall of Heroes

See here, the works brought to our altar as tributes:
(click for full resolution - ArtFight pieces link to the artist's AF submission!)

ARTFIGHT 2022!!!

by SillyRoundKatie

by Reziarts

by cardinalbones

by KitetFrog

by Oswald

by Sawvidae

by UncannyYarns (Do We Have A Contract?)

by Sw0rdh3art (The Art of Running Away; Temperamental)

by HawthornVisual

by Alex "Dulceskull" Barr (Pink Sugar)

by Oscargot

by SillyRoundKatie

by JammyTheBirb (The Back O' Beyond)

by shyangry (Gold Scissors)

by LordVermin (Hounds Smoke)

by solarbutch

by VaixuAD

by Billy

by spelledeg (Now Hiring)
Commissioned Pieces:

commissioned from Salavante (Twitter / Tumblr)

commissioned from orkbutch (Twitter)