Purchase Indulgences

Does the thought of the poor, poor artist starving* in their chambers while feverishly inking new pages of this tale make your gut wrench and your heart ache? Shed no more tears, for there are ways in which you can support Souls Foreclosed with your hard earned money:
  • CreatorSpring, featuring a variety of designs on t-shirts (currently still being expanded)
  • Ko-Fi, donate €6 and name a page to claim it as a Patron Saint (include the screen name you want featured on it - this feature is still in a trial stage, so there will be some rough patches for a while)
* this comic is sketched and inked entirely on phyiscal sheets of paper using pencils and ink markers, which incurs the kinds of costs associated with buying the materials. the artist is fine - they are being fed good, nutritious gruel daily.

Physical Print Editions:

Souls Foreclosed is also available in limited run print editions, for your off-line reading pleasure (or torment). Restocks will happen if there is enough interest.

  • Volume I: Illuminated Apocalypse - DIN-A5 soft cover - 120 pages - Chapters 0-3
  • Volume II: Baptism in Blood - DIN-A5 soft cover - 116 pages - Chapters 3.5-5 (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK - will be back in August)
  • Volume III: In Dubito Pro Re(AH) - DIN-A5 soft cover - 116 pages - Chapter 6
  • Volume IV: Unholy Savior - DIN-A5 soft cover - 116 pages - Chapters 7-7.5, art book, retrospective essay
Each single volume is sold for €15 a piece + shipping for outside of EU territories. Shipping costs will vary depending on your region. Payments currently accepted via PayPal only.

Contact the artist via email here if you are interested in buying! (ComicFury DMs are fine too)